How to Create Full Page Background Image In HTML CSS

In this simple code snippet, we are going to show the how to create full page background image using the HTML CSS.

Best CSS3 Animation Demo [Super Mario Animation In HTML CSS]

We often need this features in a while designing the web. This code snippet is very handy in case you need to set the background image on your web page that fit and give consistent output in Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet screen as well.


The below code snippet is used to set the full page background image in the HTML page that both work on mobile and PC Screen.

Code Snippet to Set Full-Size Background in HTML CSS Web Page

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How to Vertically and Horizontally Center the Text in HTML Div

Do you ever need to center the text of div tag align center in vertically and horizontally both?

Ofen you may need to center the text vertically in the web page. I found this requirement when I was designing the landing page of one my client’s website landing page. Often you also need to center the text-align vertically in the HTML page.

You may find the many code snippets around the web. So many are the very trick and some works on particular dimensions of the div tag.

CSS3 Animation Demo [Super Mario Animation In HTML CSS]

So here I am sharing the code which lets your Text in div tag correctly align a center of the page.

The second advantage of this code snippet is that you can also use this snippet in the designing of the landing page of the website which has the centered text without scrolling the page.

Code Snippet of Vertically Center the text of div Tag in HTML CSS

The Another Way to Vertically Align Center the Text in The Div Tag

By this way you will get the following type of the output:


Hence this is not the only ways to centering the div tag in the text in the HTML div. You can find much more ways to do that. I will also update the post on the letter on to horizontally plus vertically center the text in HTML CSS web page.

If you know another simple way, please let share with us. You can also comment your views in the comment box.

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Best CSS3 Animation Demo [Super Mario Animation In HTML CSS]

CSS3 Animation Example. You can create the simple to more complex Animations in using the HTML and CSS. Yes, CSS is now just limited to traditional style sheet script. You can much more do with the CSS and get the design attractive website and UX.

In this post, we are going to show one of such CSS3 Animation example cum Demo to learn how we can implement the CSS3 Animation.


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Here is the code Snippet of the CSS3 Mario Animation Example





Brief Explanation of the code of CSS3 Animation Example

In CSS3 Animation the main property which plays the role to generate the Animation is the @keyframes rule and the animation ownership of the CSS.

@keyframes has specified the Animation code, and it will change the style parameter value at the particular point of time.

To know more about @keyframes and CSS animation property and complete CSS Animation tutorial you can visit the

Source Code Credit

The Source Code of this post is originally written by my classmate and the friend Qaidjohar and also published on his blog:

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