Find Duplicate In Array (Java)- InterviewBit Problem Solution

Find Duplicate Number In Array [Java Program].

This is the competitive programming question which is asked in many competitive programming practice websites, in an interview with the Google, Amazon-like MNCs, etc.

You can also find the same problem definition on the InterviewBit: Coding Interview Question.

Problem Definition of Competitive Programing Interview Question Find Duplicate Number In Array

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Given a read-only array of n + 1 integers between 1 and n, find one number that repeats in linear time using less than O(n) space and traversing the stream sequentially O(1) times.

Sample Input:

[3 4 1 4 1]

Sample Output:


If there are multiple possible answers ( like in the sample case above ), output any one.

If there is no duplicate, output -1

 Java Source Code of Find Duplicate In Array

So this is the source code of the Find Duplicate Number In Array. The program is implemented in the Java. You can also code the solution of the same problem in any programming language of your choice.

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