Create Splash Screen – Preloader In JavaFX using FXML

In this post, we are going to show the how to create a splash screen in JavaFX application. [ JavaFX Tutorial ]

So the first question come first what splash screen is?

The splash screen acts as a preloader while launching the application/ Software. In some mobile application or even in the desktop application you might have seen that while launching the application first 2-3 seconds displays the logo or any other screen, that is a splash screen.


Same way in the desktop application of the JavaFX you can also create the splash screen that will be shown up at the starting of your application for some time and then automatically change the screen.

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In this tutorial of the JavaFX, You will see how to implement the Splash screen in JavaFX?

Source Code Of Splash Screen in JavaFX using FXML

You can also download the source code from our GitHub Repository from Linke Give Below:

Download the Source code for JavaFX Splash Screen from our GitHub Repo.

If you don’t want to look at whole Source Code and only want to know about the specific code for implementing the Splash Screen mechanism in the JavaFX, then you can look at the code snippet given below.

The above code snippet is the part of the Controller file of the Scene which we want to make the splash screen in our program. In our example, this code snippet is taken from the file.

So by this way, you can create the splash screen in your JavaFX FXML desktop application. If you like this post and want to learn more such a JavaFX tricks, then you can follow us on the social media as well as you can also subscribe to Code Puran NewsLetters to get the latest programming post in your mail inbox.

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